Best Advantages of used machinery

We know that buying new machines for extrusion represents quite an investment for every company.
We also know that investing in a new machine is not always necessary or even the best solution.
Your profit is our know-how in extrusion business, We are able to choose the perfect machine for you.
We can stand by you with help and advice whenever there is need and consider all possible alternatives.
Your individual requirements and code of standards represent the principles we adapt too.
100's of second-hand extrusion machines are always in our stocks which makes us as one of the
best known companies worldwide.
1000's of our sold machines which turns customers believe and trust on us With timely delivery and services.
With each machine sold our potential and experience grows. Potential and experience we would like to share with you.
If you need a special modification to a machine do not hesitate to ask. We have improved and modified many machines and are no stranger to special requests. Perhaps you need a new control system? We have got the latest models.


    We Also Offer Services Like:

  • Plastics Processing Plants Erection & Installation.
  • Consultants & valuers of plastic processing machine
  • Factory clearance
  • Redundant Tooling System & Spare Parts Bought & Sold.

We can also do reconditioning for you....

        Before Reconditioning                                                             After Reconditioning

RON Extrusions has many features of quality to offer :

  • Best Quality of machines
  • Best Quality of maintenance service
  • Best Quality of advisory service
  • We wish you to feel confident about your choice.
  • Take your time for a call/meeting: the right machine at the right price is waiting here for you.
    You have chosen to trust us - the right decision has been made!
  • Your end product will not know the difference between a new or a second-hand extrusion line,
    but your bottom line will.
  • All of the expendable parts will be renewed. The vital aggregates will be overhauled or exchanged.
  • Our customer's satisfaction is the base that our company's quality efficiency is based upon.

Sales & Services of Plastic Machinery